Hunston Parish Council has been working on the Neighbourhood Plan since October 2018 and has reached our first major milestone – Pre-Submission Consultation

Designation of Neighbourhood Plan Area: 2013
Decision to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan: September 2018
Publicity and Engagement – meetings and questionnaires: 2018 – 2020
Prepare the Draft Plan: 2019 – 2020

Pre-Submission Consultation (the Regulation 14 Consultation) May 2020
6-week consultation for all residents, some statutory bodies, neighbouring areas etc.

Changes are then accepted or otherwise and the Plan is re-drafted to go for final submission at Regulation 16 to an Independent Examiner. Once that is successful, the Plan goes out to referendum for all residents to vote on whether they support the Plan.

Our thanks go to all members of our working groups, parish councillors and parish clerk. In particular to Maureen Chaffe, our adviser, who has guided us through the process and to Joan Foster, Chair of the Parish Council who has led the process throughout.

There are links below to all the key documents we have prepared, with the background evidence base. The key documents for residents to read are the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, Views and Vistas and Locally Identified Buildings or Structures of Character.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO GIVE US YOUR COMMENTS. At this stage everything is a Draft, we’ve done our best so far, but we need you to tell us what you think, support or disagree with, or where we’ve made mistakes. Please email your comments to: or write to Parish Clerk, Hunston Village Hall, Selsey Road, Hunston, PO20 1AW. Or click link here – to comment

In the world before coronavirus, we would have had meetings and copies of the document available. Unfortunately, we can’t do meetings at present. We will advertise their availability in the Village Shops and Bus Shelters and send copies of the draft Neighbourhood Plan on application to the Parish Clerk.