Call to Landowners

Hunston Parish Council is currently preparing a Neighbourhood Plan in the light of Chichester District Council’s proposal in its Local Plan ‘Preferred Approach’ document to allocate 200 houses in Hunston Parish.

We are inviting those who own land within the village to come forward if they believe there is the potential for housing or commercial development on their land. This ‘Call for Sites’ is the beginning of a process that we hope may enable us to make provision for plots of land, large or small, for housing in our Neighbourhood Plan. Please note that submitting details of a particular site is not a guarantee that the Parish Council will support that site for development since all sites submitted will be subject to our assessment protocol.

The Parish Council will be considering the suitability of sites identified in the District Council’s Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) for development. However, if any land owner or agent has not previously notified the District Council that it has a site or sites that could be considered for the HELAA, and wants the site (or sites) to be considered as part of the Neighbourhood Plan Review they should contact:

The Parish Clerk

By email:

By telephone:
01243 789039

By post:
Hunston Village Hall,
Selsey Road
PO20 8QP

All Landowners wishing their sites to be included for consideration must complete an application form available from the Parish Clerk, which should be returned to the Parish Council by email (preferred) or by post by no later than 8 March 2019.

Any applications received after this date will not be considered.

Carol Smith
Parish Clerk
Hunston Parish Council

Local Plan Consultation – IMPORTANT NOTICE

Please see below for information relating to the Chichester District Council Local Plan Consultation.

Consultation Flyer

Information relating to Hunston

Reasons to object

Update 14 January 2019

Footpath closure – from 7th January 2019

HUNSTON : Public Footpath 196_1 – Temporary Closure Notice – Issue no 23569

Click the link below for a copy of the Temporary Closure notice in respect of the above route.  The closure is necessary whilst canal bank repair works are undertaken.

 The route will be closed from 7th January 2019  for 21 days.

Footpath closure

Chichester District Council – Local Plan Review Consultation

Chichester District Council is currently undertaking a public consultation on the Chichester Local Plan Review: Preferred Approach. This is the second stage of consultation on the Chichester Local Plan Review. When complete, the new Local Plan will update and replace the existing Chichester Local Plan: Key Policies 2014-2029 and will provide the policy framework for planning and development in the District outside the South Downs National Park in the period up to 2035. The Chichester Local Plan Key Policies (2014-2029) was adopted in July 2015. The Inspector required the Council to complete a review within five years to aim to ensure that sufficient housing would be planned to meet the needs of the area. This work forms the Chichester Local Plan Review 2035.

The consultation starts today and runs until Thursday 7th February 2019.  Please use the links below for information on how to access the consultation documents and details on how you can respond.   Please note that the Parish Council will be providing information to help residents make informed responses shortly.

               Chichester District Council – Local Plan Review                    

Response Form

Neighbourhood Plan – Questions & Answers 13/12/18

Today we have added the Questions (& responses) that were raised at the public meeting on 28 November 2018.  To view these click on the link here

Hunston Neighbourhood Plan – Update

We have now added a Neighbourhood Plan page to this website and as work progresses we will add updates and documents for everyone to view.  To assist we will add a post to the site a notification that the Neighbourhood Plan page has been updated.

Public Meeting Update

What a night! A huge thank you to all of those who braced the elements on Wednesday evening and attended the Public meeting to discuss the proposal for additional housing in Hunston.

124 Villagers shared their concerns for the future development plans (laid out by Chichester District Council) for Hunston and engaged in active discussions with the Parish Council and showed their overwhelming support for creating a Neighbourhood Plan which would help shape any future development in the Village.

Villagers were invited to share their ideas on areas such as transport, housing design, the environment and the needs of the community and by the end of the evening there was a staggering amount of ideas and suggestions put forward.

Joan Foster (Chair) shared what the Parish Council had done so far in preparation and asked for people who had specific areas of expertise such as environmental, sewage or planning to consider joining the working group. The information and questions raised at the meeting is currently being collated and will be available shortly. All residents were encouraged to keep abreast of developments via Hunton Parish Council website. For those without computer access paper copies of the documentation will be available to view in the Parish office behind the Village Hall and updates will be available in the shops.

Once again, thank you for support.

If you have any questions or concerns please email

Potential New Housing in Hunston

Potential New Housing in Hunston

Chichester District Council (CDC) is proposing 200 new houses should be built in Hunston as part of the local plan review. The Parish Council was told this at a meeting on 30 October 2018. Joan Foster (Chair) and Carol Smith (Parish Clerk) challenged this decision and asked for the rationale behind it. CDC was unable to tell us why at that time.

On Friday 2 November, CDC emailed the Parish Council to confirm that 200 houses would be allocated to Hunston because more land had been made available for housing.


At a meeting on 23 July 2018 between CDC, Hunston and North Mundham Parish Councils, we were told that 250 houses would be allocated between the two parishes. The split was left to us. Both Hunston and North Mundham decided to produce their own Neighbourhood Plan, so that they could consult with residents as to how many houses should be built and where. This work has started.

Now CDC Officer are recommending an allocation of 200 houses to Hunston and 50 to North Mundham.

This conflicts the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) published in August 2018, which allocates 176 houses to Hunston and 375 to North Mundham.

What we are going to do:

  1. The Parish Council does not consider that a reasonable rationale has been given that explains the split (200/50) between the two parishes in light of the HELAA allocation (176/375) published by CDC.
  2. CDC is going to discuss the planned allocation on Wednesday 14 November at 15.00 at the Committee Rooms, Chichester District Council. This is a public meeting and we will present a written statement and attend the meeting to object.
  3. We will hold a public meeting on 28 November at The Hunston Village Hall from 18.30 – 20.00 to which all residents are invited. At the meeting we will outline our options and how we might take forward the Neighbourhood Plan.

What you can do:

  • Come to the meeting on 28 November
  • If you wish to object, you could email our District Councillor – Tricia Tull, who was present at both meetings with CDC
  • We will need help to prepare the Neighbourhood Plan, if you think you can help, please come on the 28th or let us know –


Joan Foster

Chair, Hunston Parish Council

Information Session


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